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Mulatov is built to safeguard your communication. Decentralized with end-to-end encryption, no one can read your messages except you and the recipient. No hackers. No governments. No prying exes.


Tired of your messaging app flaming out?

Private messages

Messages sent within Mulatov stay private. End-to-end encryption ensures no one but you and the recipient can read your messages.

Unassailable storage

Store messages, files, photos, and more in distributed ledger technology. Records stay safe and incorruptible until you decide to remove them.

No tracking

Unlike other messaging apps, we don't track your behavior. We don't geotag your location or compile a record of sites you've browsed.

Convenient security

You don't have to go out of your way to experience private, secure messaging. Mulatov is available on your phone or desktop.


How it works


Create an account

Sign up for a MulaWallet account and connect it to Mulatov. Use an identifiable user name or a random string of letters and numbers.

Add contacts

Use private mode where only those who know the account name can contact you. Or use public mode to use a QR code to add contacts and groups easily.

Send & receive messages

Mulatov's interface is familiar and intuitive. Messages and files are transferred using distributed ledger technology. There's no way to fake or delete a record.

Confidential & discreet

Each conversation generates a key that changes from time to time to ensure confidentiality. Users need their private key to extract the conversation key. User's private keys are stored on their device, not on a server. Or users can opt to use ZeU's patented password recovery method.


End-to-end encryption plus decentralization, plus distributed ledger technology, create a secure way to communicate sensitive (or not so sensitive) information. Pictures, audio files, and texts are kept safe from prying eyes.

Mula Platform

Integration into the Mula Platform makes your life easier. No more juggling apps or transferring information. Mulatov offers a convenient, secure, and simple way to keep your data safe and your life on track.


Cutting-edge technology is available at your fingertips and is delivered in a familiar, easy-to-use fashion. No complicated terminology here - Mula does the heavy lifting, so you can simply use the best technology available.


MulaMail is part of MulaPlatform

Collaborate securely from any device at any time, at the speed of light , all in one place

The Mula Platform is a set of productivity and collaboration tools that help individuals, teams, and businesses stay at the top of their game. It’s a flexible, innovative solution that includes all your favorite apps like MulaMail, MulaVault, MulaMeet, and more. Did we mention data privacy?